Following the volunteer phase of the project, Holy Land Olive Oil elected to organize as a for-profit enterprise to sustain the market for Palestinian olive oil in the US and elsewhere. However, as a startup enterprise, Holy Land Olive Oil continues to rely heavily on volunteer efforts as it develops markets.

Until such time that a brand name is developed, the economics of Palestinian olive oil -as a new entrant in the market- will continue to present a major hurdle. This hurdle is offset to a great extent by the amount of goodwill towards Palestinian farmers among the politically concious and the fair trade community. We see this community as the backbone of our business.

Holy Land Olive Oil is committed to the following principles:

TO PAY A FAIR PRICE with a guaranteed minimum, ensuring that Palestinian farmers get a fair return for their labors.

TO WORK WITH NON-PROFITS, PEACE ACTIVISTS & COOPERATIVES in order to provide these organizations with opportunities to promote their principles in a tangible way and, at each group’s option, raise funds for a particular cause.

TO BUY DIRECTLY FROM FARMERS, FARMER COOPS, OR OTHER NOT-FOR-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS so the benefits of trade go to the farmers and their communities.

TO ENCOURAGE ECOLOGICALLY SUSTAINABLE FARMING PRACTICES such as organic agriculture, which build a long-term economic base for farmers while protecting community health and the environment.


Our goal is to develop into a sustainable commercial enterprise that can make a substantive difference in the lives of the farmers in Palestine and, give back from from the proceeds to the communities supplying the oil for local projects of their choosing.